JBL Charge Series Bluetooth Speaker ( Jbl Charge 1 - JBL Charge 4)

JBL Charge is the perfect mobile music device that we can carry anywhere, and for a size that's not too big, it can sound very loud.

That is a natural thing because this series has experienced some performance improvements since it was first launched in 2016:
  1. JBL Charge
  2. JBL Charge 2
  3. JBL Charge 3
  4. JBL Charge 4

Noted: The last series is an improvement from the previous series, and many old series are no longer manufactured.

However, some old series are still circulating in the market and even sold in official stores (Refurbished Product), it is worth considering for buyer with a limited budget.

JBL Charge 1 Bluetooth Speaker


Waterproof Speaker:
JBL Charge 1 Release Date:
Availability: No Longer Manufactured (Refurbished Only)
JBL Charge Price: -

JBL Charge is equipped with a built-in power bank which is why many people like it, you can charge other USB devices directly from the speaker.

  • Bluetooth® technology
  • Built-in bass port
  • Digital signal processing
  • More than 12 hours, 6,000mAH Li-ionrechargeable battery
  • USB recharging for external devices
  • Versatile, portable design
  • LED indicator

JBL Charge 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Speaker
Availability: No Longer Manufactured (Refurbished Only)
JBL Charge Price:

JBL Charge 1 and Charge 2 are no longer manufactured, the latest version of this product is JBL Charge 4 but the previous version is worth considering, it cost you half of the new version with no much different in term of quality.

  • Features Big bass and big sound on-the-go
  • Stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth®
  • A built-in 6000mAh battery for 12 hours of playback and charging your portable devices
  • Social Mode so everyone can share their music

JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Speaker
Availability: No Longer Manufactured (Refurbished Only)
JBL Charge Price:

Not many people believe that JBL Charge 4 is an upgraded version of JBL Charge 3, because JBL 4 is not a stereo speaker while JBL 3 has 2 X 10 Watt speakers (stereo). Unfortunately, JBL Charge 3 is no longer being manufactured.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • 6000mAh power bank
  • Speakerphone
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • JBL Connect
  • Lifestyle Materials
  • JBL Bass Radiator

JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Speaker
JBL Charge Price:

This is the holy grail of JBL Charge series, the differences between the Charge 3 and Charge 4 is the sound clarity and the USB connection, but the upgrade is worth considering.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • 20 hours of playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • JBL Connect+
  • Durable fabric and rugged material
  • JBL Bass Radiator

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